Your Own «L Term» Change Ego Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What are the two fantastic lesbian really likes? No, not quinoa and also the Indigo ladies. It really is horoscopes and »
The L Word.»
Which explains why, my personal precious lesbian, I would like to bestow this present upon the gay butt: the L term alter ego in accordance with your zodiac signal. Unless you completely have confidence in the zodiac, first, you’re completely wrong, but secondly, if such a thing can alter your thoughts, its this.


Helena Peabody

Aries, you want to maintain control but they aren’t extra AF about this (I’m evaluating you, Leo). Like Helena, you’re passionate and self-confident. You dislike becoming stagnant and doing absolutely nothing– such, actually, that you might make some shady choices only to keep busy. A lot like when Helena became a world-traveling unlawful casino player with that hot AF, sketchy AF brunette. But when you desire one thing, you are going for it during the best way. Like whenever Helena fell deeply in love with Dusty in prison and ran away to end up being with her. Sigh. You’re such a romantic.


Shane McCutcheon

Taurus, you. tend to be. ready. in. some. means. You happen to be persistent AF and detest change. You’re also irresistibly beautiful, therefore, like, you winnings. You are additionally reliable and diligent. Like Shane, you’ll be a new player in terms of lovers you are the many faithful pal anyone could ever before have. You will perform video games using the ladies, nevertheless are buddy definitely truth be told there for Jenny whenever she has a full-blown mental breakdown, is there for Alice whenever this woman is very unpredictable that she becomes a cardboard cut of Dana, and is truth be told there for Tina when her sperm donor’s gf went bonkers. Once you peel straight back your own puzzle and swagginess, you really have a huge center. You could date two women as well, however are very first anyone to stop the chair about train for the adorable old-man.


Jenny Schecter

Okay, notice me down. Geminis get a terrible representative. And does Jenny. However know what? «The L Word» would not end up being almost as enjoyable without Jenny’s insanity therefore the globe would-be dark and gray and monotonous without Geminis. You are interested in learning existence, desperate to discover and teach, and are usually significantly innovative. Positive, you will place your dog down (tear Sounder) to have straight back at a terrible analysis from a manuscript review, but there is no-one to state you are not creative. You are additionally tenacious facing rejection. Often you may be also a little delusional concerning your skills, in the conclusion, it fuels your determination. You may create very much trippy-ass pseudo-experimental stories about manatees, but after the afternoon, you’re going to have a badass guide deal that turns into a motion picture. You additionally seem incredible with bangs.

Cancer Tumors

Max Sweeney

Max is really a Cancer. He’s mental, romantic, and sort. He is additionally needy AF like everyone else, dear disease lez! It really is nothing to be embarrassed of– you just have more feels compared to the average babe. With great moodiness will come fantastic enthusiasm and creativity. One minute you are happening an excellent weird pessimistic rant about female lobsters boiling lively (WTF was that about maximum?), as well as the next min you are using your bae for a pleasant slow party during the regional gay club. You may be vulnerable regarding the interactions, but that’s because you like your lovers so increasingly. As soon as you commit to someone, you’ll do just about anything for them.


Alice Pieszecki

You will be breathtaking and best and creative. (I’m a Leo.) Also you are obnoxious, self-absorbed and reckless. (i am a Leo.) Like Alice, you happen to be entertaining, kind-hearted, additionally the lifetime of the celebration. You had succeed as a radio host (similar Alice), performer, or perhaps in various other attention-seeking work. You used to be born when it comes to spotlight. You also are in danger of abusing it, like when Alice outed that closeted athlete for the title of «righteousness.» She in fact believed she was performing just the right thing. This is the benefit of Leos: they’re thus covered right up within sight, they don’t see the complete picture as well as how they might damage people. You will also have the potential for only a little unhinged — recall the Dana Fairbanks cardboard cutout? But total, you will be one enjoyable babe to-be about.


Carmen de la Pica Morales

Congrats, you are the latest cast person in «The L keyword.» You additionally be seduced by not the right individuals (and certainly will potentially get left during the altar unless you ensure you get your ass manageable, lady). You desire a long-lasting, strong hookup, nevertheless get paling for f*ckboys. Why is that? Since you are also a *tiny bit* frightened to open upwards. You’ve got the hot girl strange ambiance of,

she’s experienced some shit

and a f*ckboy are unable to withstand the mystique and lively extract associated with difficult lady. But it’s time to fully stop getting scared of emotional intimacy and follow the actual commitment you would like, without the games. Sufficient about relationships. Like Carmen, you happen to be hard working (DJ-ing isn’t effortless!) aimed at your loved ones (to such an extent you will stay in the closet on their behalf) and desperate to resolve kids while the senior. You have got an attractive center.


Dana Fairbanks

Libra is one of universally appreciated signal and Dana is among the most widely appreciated L term hottie. Personal (but fantastically uncomfortable), fair-minded, and mild, everybody else needs a Libra as a best friend. Like Dana, you detest confrontation and certainly will do just about anything to avoid it. But when you press throughout your shyness, you happen to be frequently compensated (such as the time you had a steamy make out with cook Laura in the country club locker room.) You adore recreations, the outdoors, and basic equilibrium. You might be an even-keeled person to end up being around, and you’re the friend that always projects the vacations. You will be opulent but they are usually functional. You happen to be additionally lovable.



Pic by Showtime

We all know: Scorpios have the the majority of sex benefit of the zodiac. It is not also always the manner in which you seem: it’s the sensual power you efficiently exude, babe. Whether the sexuality is actually in-your-face like Papi’s or it’s much more subtle, no person can reject you have ~one thing~ about yourself. You’re in addition amazing in bed. (bear in mind ‘circles are good Papi’ in the back of the limo?) You dirty girl you. You might be in addition this is of a true buddy. Should your women’s in some trouble, you’re going to be the first to ever respond to the device. You can be envious and competitive (like as soon as you created an imaginary gender opposition with Shane next questioned her group to a basketball online game to be in your distinctions. WTF?) it normally becomes you ahead of time in daily life therefore never dull your aggressive move. Keep becoming hot and hostile: of course you like it.

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Tina Kennard

Sagittarius really loves a mental, stimulating partner, this is exactly why you devote with Bette’s bullshit, isn’t really it? I don’t pin the blame on you, dear Sagittarius. In addition sex life and society, and so are always wanting brand-new experience and knowledge. Once you have a vision in your head, you stop at nothing to accomplish it. Because of your caring character, you could think you desire a domestic existence, but eventually, it’s also important to be the head of a motion picture ready titled «Les Girls.» You might be additionally impatient and do not believe if your wanting to speak. (Like as soon as you flipped a table and mentioned DO YOU F*CK HER ALL-NIGHT IF YOUR WANTING TO TOLD HER I HAPPENED TO BE THE PASSION FOR YOUR LIFE?) You might be friendly and outbound and manage with many pal groups. Continue aside and receiving cultured — especially to art galleries. It is in which you might meet up with the hot power lez you have always wanted.


Bette Porter

Hi sensuous. You want being in control, so much so that others might start to resent you for it (once they’re perhaps not activated because of it.) You’re king of discipline and self-discipline, while usually get crap done. If you have an objective, you will stop at nothing to achieve it. Some may describe you as ruthless. But at the end of a single day, despite your own thirst for control, fulfillment and energy, you may be extremely family-oriented. You like becoming surrounded by the ones you love, and hate harming all of them, even if you undoubtedly perform. (recall the affair making use of plumbing professional?) You’ve got a significant responsibility to your self, the complexities you genuinely believe in, your career, and individuals you like. If you can figure out how to stabilize each one of these obligations, you truly can have everything. Therefore seem remarkable in a suit. Simply saying.


Jodi Lerner

Obviously the Aquarius could be the musician of the lot. Like Jodi, you are imaginative, independent, and initial. On top of that, you may be mentally aloof and uncompromising (like whenever you totally failed to leave Bette know that you are polyamorous). You like a rigorous rational discussion: it really is what feeds the heart when you are not taking pleasure in your only time, generating. You dislike broken claims, and when men and women do not work off integrity, but after you be seduced by some body and digest the psychological wall space, it may be difficult — almost impossible — to allow go. (it was not an effective look, asking Bette to stay with you after she cheated, but, like, I get it, lady.) You’ve got an undeniable allure due to the communicativeness, additionally a sensual appeal because you never provide all upwards immediately. You’ll find layers to peel back.


Marina Ferrer

Marina is actually a textbook Pisces and so are you. Gracious, user-friendly, and gentle, it actually was difficult for Jenny


to fall available. Especially due to the fact both love Anne Carson. Additionally it is not surprising that you moved a tiny bit cray cray because Pisces may be #sadgirls and also have the intensive want to escape from fact. You also have the tendency to act like a victim — like when you got no duty for your component in Jenny’s event. You’re friendly, so it is practical you’d run your local queer cafe. You’re additionally a romantic in mind. You are so dreamy that even the brand new straight woman gets a chill up the woman spine once you talk about poetry and artwork. Channel several of the romance into the very own targets and art, and find out exactly how beautiful lifetime tends to be.